Buth Kuddeh is always happy to cater for fund raisers. We can do it two ways:
  • By being paid a set fee at a discounted rate to provide an agreed menu for an agreed number of people. The fundraiser then charges a fee to cover the cost of the meal plus a donation to the cause.
  • By setting up a stall and selling food and donating an agreed proportion of the takings to the fundraising body.
We are also happy to donate prizes or auction items of in-home dinners for 6 - 8 people.
  • Past fundraisers have included:
  • Birchgrove Primary School Fete
  • Leichhardt Primary School After School Care Centre
  • Maxine McKew election campaign fundraiser at Petersham Bowling Club
  • People for Innovation and Growth in Australasia annual summer fundraiser
  • 2010 Annual Fundraising night
To make an inquiry about a fundraising venture drop us a line