Cooking Classes: FAQ

Cost depends on the number people in the class, the venue and the menu we agree on.

Skill level
You don't have to be an experienced cook/chef. The classes are designed for home cooks.

Kinds of classes

Classes come in three styles. Demonstration and tasting only are classes for large numbers (anywhere from 16 – 50 plus) where I stand out the front and cook for you while you watch and take notes. Then you have a small taste of what I have cooked.

Hands on classes are usually smaller, under 20, depending on the venue and how many cooking stations there are for the participants. I will demonstrate a couple of dishes and then the participants break up into small groups, cook the dishes themselves, and then we all sit down and chow down.

And then there are fully hands on classes where we prep and cook everything together. This works best for small groups of 4 - 6 people.

Recipe notes

Participants at all classes get a full set of the recipes.