How do I teach?

I've been conducting Sri Lankan cooking classes since 2004.

I don’t have formal qualifications as a chef, but my classes have been popular and participants have given me very positive comments on my skills as a teacher and on the dishes I have demonstrated.

In my classes, I draw on my knowledge of Sri Lankan food, my acting and presentation skills, and my shameless enjoyment of entertaining participants. I combine information about the ingredients, techniques, equipment, with stories of my personal food experiences as an eater and cook of Sri Lankan food.

All my classes come with complete take-away notes and recipes. I welcome photographing and videoing of the classes. I understand that people learn in different ways and for some of us seeing how it’s done is better than reading about it.

Buth Kuddeh cooking classes

I have done hands-on classes and demonstration only classes, with a strong preference for the former.

I am very happy to consider any requests for classes – including schools, young people, one-on-one sessions or small informal groups (like friends wanting to learn together).