Why reviewing?

I love my food, and I love eating good food cooked by others (friends and family take note!).
Paul van Reyk
My best food memories often are of meals using a small number of ingredients, richly spiced, not fussed over and teased like fairy floss into a pretty but airy nothingness that's forgotten a nanosecond after you've eaten it. And don't get me started on dining where decor triumphs over defood.

When I find a place that satisfies, I like to share my enthusiasm. In this section are write-ups of some places I have enjoyed dining at. It's a tad haphazard and not necessarily up-to-the-minute - I don't make the rounds of every place once a year or anything like it. But, if you are up for trying something on spec, I'd love you to, and I'd love to hear what your experience was.

I also love hearing about places I should try, so, if you come across a place you think I would drop me an email about it. I'd love to check it out and add it to the list.