the Home of Buth Kuddeh

Buth Kuddeh, roughly meaning rice shop in Sinhala, a place where you can get a cheap, good, rice and curry meal in any Sri Lankan town.

Think of this site as your virtual buth kuddeh. Come in and sit a spell. Browse the recipes, the Sri Lankan cooking guide, and anything else that takes your fancy. Maybe go cook something you find that takes yer fancy. Or check out places I reckon will give you a good South Asian feed in my home town of Sydney, Australia, and wherever my stomach happens to be when I have a meal worth celebrating.Buth Kuddeh Sri Lanka Catering Sydney

'We're all full of gastronomy. Turn on a TV anywhere and you will see an idiot with a spoon. Every newspaper and magazine has recipes and photos of a dish taken from above like a cadaver; it's a form of onanism and is masturbatory. We must normalise food rather than put it on a pedestal.'
Carlo Petrini
Slow Pleasures
Sydney Morning Herald Good Weekend, October 10, 2009.