Menus: Short Eats

'Short eats' is what Sri Lankan's call party time finger food.
Buth Kuddeh draws on elements from Singhala and Tamil street food and Burgher tiffin traditions to create a range that’s tasty, intriguing and very very more-ish.


Dutch-influenced spiced meatballs from a recipe that’s 400 years old but tastes brand new, they come with a tomato-based sweet/sour chilli sauce (made as hot as you like) and/or mint and yoghurt chutney.

Mini kurrukan or coconut roti with a range of toppings

bite-sized flat dry-roasted rounds of a dough of millet or rice flour mixed with fresh grated coconut topped with a chutneys, pickles or sambol spreads


crunchy quick fried lentil and spice cakes great on their own, or you can accompany them with a mint and yoghurt chutney.


baked pastry pillows filled with either a savoury mince, fish or potato and pea curry (think small samosas, only nicer).


cakes of coconut milk cooked rice topped with seeni sambol (a classic Sri Lankan onion sambol).

Mini spicy corn roti

fresh grated corn flat bread in a spicy chick pea flour batter topped with home-made onion chutney or your choice of sambols.

Stuffed capsicums

mild banana capsicums stuffed with spiced meat, fish or potato and pea, and baked.


sneaking in an Indian treat of vegetables in a seasoned chickpea flour crust (vegetables will vary with what’s seasonal, but mushrooms are always a hit)

Smoore sandwiches

a spectacular pot roasted spiced crusted lamb sandwich.

Egg and prawn sandwiches

not your average curried egg sanger but a clever combo of boiled egg, shredded prawn and hint of chili

Curried pumpkin tartlets

mini pastries with a smooth sweetish curried pumpkin puree.

But don't stop there - if you've seen something in your travels in South Asia that you would love to nibble on back home, suggest it and we'll see if we can come up with a Sri Lankan twist on it.